Tuesday, November 2, 2010

married, mother friend

Life has been crazy, thus the long space between these 'blogs'.

Having a child, a husband, and a community of 10 around you is incredible..But there is a whole new realm of loneliness that comes with it at the age of 20.

Julien is my life, I love him like I never thought I could love, and even his quivering lip before a loud screech is adorable.
Along with Motherhood and being a Wife at my age comes quite a few changes:

I consider myself a hippy Mom, I hold my baby more then not because I know it's good for him (find links at the bottom of blog), I breastfeed exclusively (not even pump) because I know what is healthy for him, I'm not going to feed him real food until he is 6 months old because who wants their baby to grow up too fast?, and I'm not going to cut his hair until he is 3.
Because of my parent 'choices' it limits my activity specially with people my age.

No 20 year old girl wants to hang out with her married, mother friend while she is breastfeeding outside of Jimmy Johns, and changes her baby's dirty diaper on the TABLE, No 20 year old girl wants to take her married, mother friend to the movies because she will probably be alone the whole time while the mother is taking her fussy baby out.
No 20 year old girl wants a curfew because her FRIEND is the one with the kid, She doesn't want to miss out on life because of her Friend's baby. Mom friends are few and far between..specially ones your age, stable, God-fearing, and willing to be there throughout the ride.

Being a Mother is perfect, being a Wife is a theme park. I am so happy with my little Family and my guys are really the most important thing to me.

Julien is a trooper! He has been to 11 states in his short 3 months of life, he has probably met more people then the average 7Th grader, slept on more air mattresses then the average Cabelas customer He is a trooper!

He is now rolling over from tummy to back, discovering his hands, and slowly learning he has feet..but he knows how to swing'em.
Only 2 more weeks and we will be home for the winter!!

holding baby: http://www.thebabywearer.com/index.php?page=bwgreatthings
feeding baby: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/solids/delay-solids.html
cutting hair: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_haircut


  1. hang in there little momma :) enjoy the ride! take lots of pics and videos too...I wish I had taken more videos. You can come hang out with this (old) mom anytime! looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. you're an amazing mother. It's absolutely worth it.

  3. Loved this: "slept on more air mattresses then the average Cabelas customer" HA-HA-HA