Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ch ch ch changes (turn and face the strain)


OH life.

Hunter and I have settled into our jobs new positions, promotions, raises..
We have bought our first car and the next step was to move out of my parents house.

I have lived there for 11 years, I have lived with my parents my entire life, I was NOT ready for this change.

We did the math, the budget, the thoughtful process to see how much we could afford. We were off to apartment hunt.
A lot of thought and prayer went into this decision, we spoke with our marriage counselors, prayed with the community, prayed as a small family and ultimately Hunter and I felt complete peace about this move.

We found an apartment 3 miles from my parents house, 2 bed 1 bath, and 1000+ sq ft.
It's wonderful.
We moved in 2/4/12 and it was bitter sweet. I cried the first 3 days, Julien was having a really hard time transitioning from a house FULL of people to a small apartment with just his Ima and Abba, it was heartbreaking.

When Hunter and I got married there was a severance between my parents and I and I remember sobbing, feeling like I was being ripped away from my parents who have covered me, provided for me, loved me and comforted me, all to be with the man God so eagerly placed in my life. It was joyous time as Hunter and I were beginning our lives together but a sad transition.

Moving into our own place just established that transition even more, not as brutal because I had already gone through the spiritual side of it but sad none the less.

My mom helped us move in and unpack but we didn't see my dad for 3 days, (sat-tues) by Monday Julien had lost it! he wasn't sleeping, he was constantly crying, throwing himself on the floor in little fits, dragging himself across the floor :( we HAD to see Sabba!!

Tuesday he spent all day with my Dad and they played and played by Wednesday morning he was a new kid! He was going to his OWN bed when i said it was time for nap or night night, get under the covers and lay his head down and say night night. Since we have lived in the apartment he has had 3 nights (separately) where he has slept ALL night!

This is a BIG deal! That 1 day with Sabba changed EVERYTHING!

We have settled in, had our housewarming party and are loving life! God is so good to provide! My parents still get to see Julien EVERY day (but maybe saturday)!!