Friday, April 20, 2012

The wishes and woes of being a mother.

I'm not going to recap, basically Julien is a walking, talking todd almost 2! If you're a mother you know how that is.

My dream is to be a SAHM and care for Julien through his fits, tantrums, and laughs. I want to see him playing in the dirt, gardening and discovering new words. I want to be there for his first peanut butter and jelly, to clean his face before naptime, I want to see him...all day.

I'm working at a roofing company at the reception desk where you would assume the most traffic is and my days are still so lonely without my JuBug by my side. I cope with convincing them to buy a coffee machine so I can have unlimited caffeine to make my day go by faster, I find tedious paperwork to fill my time until the clock strikes 3:30, I zoom (65mph) through the traffic down 635, then 35, then loop 12, untl i hit a dead stop on 408, dare I take grady niblo's back road with speed humps to race to my Juj? Yes..Yes I do.

I've made it, he's either sound asleep and could care less if i'm there or he's distracted with Sabba. But..I don't care if he cares if i'm there or not..I care that i get to see him and watch him play, watch him do his hustle to the fridge for moi moi, I care that I don't miss the WHOLE afternoon and can see his sleepy head after a nap, I care that even tho he's acting too cool for school he probably pee'd in his diaper when he saw me.

My wish to be SAHM, it seems like such a long ways away, there needs to be a way for me to get out of this rut and live happily ever after with my Bug.

*SAHM (stay at home mom). Inspired by @hellogiggles