Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Will you be my friend?

Living in a new state with a completely different culture can be difficult.
After living 18 years in the southern hospitality hub and everyone being extremely friendly....it can be difficult.
Being 23 with a toddler and no social outlet such as a job with other young people or daycare or sports or anything...can be difficult.

I read a blog by Motherlode about mommy dating.
  Was this my new life?
  Was I going to have to enter the dating pool of moms?

Lets keep in mind this isn't Dallas, they aren't extremely friendly and they have one thing in common...they like to excersize and be outside. I come from the land down south where it's too hot to be outside and so you make up indoor activities.. working out is for people who have time and money.

I have neither of those things.

I've gone to parks and smiled at every passing mom hoping one of them would strike a conversation.

But unfortunately..I'm noticing i'm not 6 years old anymore, I can't walk up and say 'wanna be my friend?!" because that's weird.. and you can't just be friends with just 'anyone' right? Because now that we're adults we have to actually have things in common! I don't know if having a child the same age is in 'common' enough.

So the nerd that I am..I turned to the internet.

Meetup.com is my new best friend. (i know it's lame)

I have joined 3 meetup groups. At first I was solely focused on 'moms' because then I could take Julien with me everywhere since..you know.. I do that.
But then I thought 'Moms are weird and I don't want to be stuck with them as my only options and not have any friends for the rest of my life.' (I love you mamas)

So I have joined 2 that have nothing to do with moms and granted they're weird too. But i'm trying right?
I have yet to actually go to any of these Meetups..but....

I know I must sound crazy but my family has instilled this 'social, can't be alone for very long' characteristic in me and i'm just handling it the best way I can.

Stay tuned for my mommy date stories!