Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts and Rants

I skipped Wednesday to give you guys a break.

First of all my Silver King Coffee girl quit. Therefore I'm paying full price for a cup of milk and the girl that now 'serves me' at the window doesn't know me. Ugh! Good thing it's the original girl who Sarahjane and I thought was named April.. Close but no cigar. Her name is Alexa. She got a new tattoo.

Speaking of Tattoos..i would still like to finish mine to get a new one.
How do people have time and money to constantly be getting tatted Alyssa Hickman, Trevor Michael..I'm confused and jealous.

I can't comment on whats going on in the news lately DOMA, Abortion etc. It's too heavy and I'm sure I would get backlash for my beliefs on either subject. So instead i'm just going to say "Goodnight and Goodluck America" It's all in your hands.

I feel like Moses and I are best friends, I've been studying and making lessons on this guy for the last 5 months. Todays lesson = Moses dies.
It's been real bud.

That moment you regret accepting a friend request or liking a page..get off my newsfeed!

That other moment when you accidentally sync your phone with your facebook contacts..I don't need your number..but i have it. beware of spam.

I get that you need a job and all..but maybe you should do some SERIOUS, EXTENSIVE research on the day care you are sending your children to before you get trapped and you're spending $500 a month on the pledge of allegiance, forced nap time, bad lunch and listening to secular hip hop during playtime.

It's been a good 6 weeks since I've had a bagel...TAKE THAT UTAH!

Have I mentioned how things start considerably earlier here?
I used to drive into work (in dallas) around 7:30 and catch the first half of the Kidd Kraddick show..The only radio station I get here must start at's 7:30 and i've missed the funniest parts! #Mountainlife

Speaking of Mountain Life..Nothing like waking up your entire building on a Wednesday night because your water heater is leaking scalding water into the parking garage. 10:30pm maintenance knocks on our door (i didn't even know we had that kind of service!) we waved them past because we certainly weren't leaking water. 10 minutes later maintenance AND our nice neighbor lady from upstairs knocks 'Please check your water heater! There is burning water pouring into the garage!" we check..sure enough it's us. Maintenance comes in, our weird neighbor guys from vermont come into the hallway..we're all in our pajamas, awkward. We've never exchanged anything but a smile in passing and now they're seeing my night.
Our hot water heater is broken and needs to be replaced. yay.. We rent so it's no big deal...but I could've been spared the awkwardness.

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Monday Blues and Thoughts

I know this is seriously off track but here are a 'few' things on my mind this Monday Morning...
(Please beware these are definitely first world problems and I am no way seriously complaining about these things)

My pug has lost her mind, peed in my bed and is now gagging herself on a stuffed elmo toy that we gave up on trying to rescue

I hate that scene in the Amazing SpiderMan when Andrew Garfield is breathing heavily into Emma Stones face while he's sweaty and beat know that doesn't smell good..

I love me some French Press coffee, but making a whole pot of myself..makes me a hyped up caffeinated mama..I need someone to come drink half of this thing.
On top of that, I regret getting rid of my normal coffee cups. As much as I love how these 'vintage tea cups look' they're kind of a pain when you have to refill every other second.

Who decided to build condos in the middle of Heber City and Park City where we can't get any cable or internet?!?!..fml

OK! Who decided it was okay to post pictures of your ailments on facebook? Aint nobody wanna see your bloody knee, eye, messed up feet, broken...anything!

I had a dream I hung out with Cesar Milan on the streets of Africa eating Ice Cream...I think I need to train my dog.

Missing Texas stuff. Joy Luck, Cheap Movies, Friends, Beauty Bar, Downtown Dallas, Black People....just sayin

I don't support Kanye and Kim's decision to name their child something ridiculous..but being a child with a strange name..I feel for them. They're just trying to be original in the sea of celebrity baby names. It's hard to meet the standards of Apple, Jermajesty, Lourdes...etc.
And speaking of names..i know some normal people out there that have no excuse to name their kids weird names.

Twinkie coming's like when you throw a going away party for someone and then a week later they're like '...uh i'm not leaving anymore' what?!?! Waste of time! (Joy Eastman..remember that?! love you!)

I need to finish all my I can get a new one. (hint, hint)

Sarah Thomas, Serah Rudolph, Erin Favella, Julie all make me want to have another baby...TOMORROW. Stop having cute kids.

My Favorite part of The Amazing SpiderMan...Spiderman launching himself up the side of a building. I want to do that!

I need a haircut.

.....time for more coffee.