Monday, October 15, 2012

48 hrs with no baby

This past weekend (10/12-14) Hunter and I went to West Texas (San Angelo) for a friend's wedding.
We have been planning this trip for some time and thought since it's right around our 3rd Wedding Anniversary we should go without Julien.

We didn't talk much about it after deciding and even RSVP'd for 2 adults.

The closer it got to the date the more it started weighing on me. This would be my first weekend without Julien, my first weekend without seeing his sweet face, feeding him, running after him, consoling him....what will I do!

Even though I am very attached to my Son I knew I shouldn't back down, I WILL go on this anniversary trip without him and I WILL enjoy my time with my Husband!!

We had planned to leave early Friday morning (the 12th) while Julien was still sleeping, I am not a fan of 'sneaking out' on your children because I think that can cause fear and anxiety. So I explained to him Thursday night that when he woke up Abba and Ima would be 'bye bye' for the weekend''. He burst into tears saying 'bye bye Ima!!' I then had to explain to him that it wasn't until tomorrow and I settled him down to go to sleep.

I woke up super early to drive my brother and sister to the airport, ran errands, came to the house to pick up hunter and low and behold the clutch was going out on his car (the car we were planning on taking).
So I tried to transfer all of our stuff from his car to my car, explain to my parents what was going on and get out of there all before Julien woke up because I knew...If I had to say goodbye to that sweet face I wouldn't have the willpower to leave him.

We made it out just in time!

The first 12 hours were fine, we were having a blast! But when it was time to go to sleep without kissing Julien goodnight and singing him to sleep I got a little sad.

But, no worries, it turned out to be a great weekend for us! We got to talk to Julien first thing Saturday morning and within that 24 hour separation he started to say "yes!" when answering questions (big step for a 2 yr old). We came back Sunday afternoon and he was safe and sound with Sabba and Kiki.

Overall a successful weekend!