Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why I'm not a feminist....feminist.



advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.

the real right to choose (pro-choice)

Every day I read a new article of some young, empowered, successful woman claiming to be a feminist.

Let me remind you the days that we live in. There is no war on women going on, there is no doubt that as a woman I have rights, rights to vote, rights to say no, rights to say yes. As women we have the choice to work, to stay home, to travel, to wander, to dream, to dream BIG, to be a CEO of the biggest dating site, makeup company, car manufacturer or to simply help other women through the journey that is birth.

To the women growing along side of me in my generation, what. are. you. fighting. for?

I had the pleasure of seeing Gina Davis speak at a small get together about her work, fighting for women in the film industry.
Her point didn't bash men, didn't degrade them therefore stooping to the level of anti-women mindsets. (which in case you didn't know...aren't ALL men). Instead she rises above her fellow celebrity 'feminists' and is a voice for women in the film industry. She helps especially with young television and big picture movies by showing them characters they have already created can be turned into female roles. Allowing a young female star to rise to fame, allowing gender to NOT be an issue.

Lena Dunham 'the voice of my generation', I support you sister, more power to you for slapping negative body image in the face, I commend you. Mainly for the adorable dresses you choose to wear on GIRLS. But as 'feminist' feminist as you are, I find it extremely degrading the amount of sexual activity you promote in your TV show. The women on your show are virtually useless unless it has to do with sex. Mind you, I am not up to date, I couldn't get passed the first season before I decided even watching the show I found myself degraded.

More power to women to be comfortable in their own skin, but why does the comfort with my own skin have to mean giving it away like a cow being milked at Borden Dairy. Herded down New York City streets just to catch the eye of the cute barista who you later end up in bed with.
 Lena Dunham isn't this the complete opposite of how we want our young girls to feel?

I want my daughter to feel empowered, confident and secure in her own body, not to the point of selling it for a kiss. She will be empowered to walk by that cute boy and not look back, because she is precious, she is preserved and saved for someone SO much better. For that someone who will treat her better than any woman who has the right to choose so she chose to give it away. She will be protected, treasured and kept hidden like the most expensive jewel that she is.
Don't we want our young girls to be empowered to say NO, to protect herself and make the men in her life LISTEN to her and not just look at her like a piece of meat?

I am not a feminist....feminist.
I believe we have the right to vote, to speak up and be opinionated. I have the right to decide how I walk down the street and the men around me do not have the right to cat call me.
And at the same time, if you choose to not have a career, or be opinionated or speak up that's ok.
 It's not wrong for me to CHOOSE to stay home and take care of my children, to prefer the kitchen over a desk, to prefer the sweet smiles, giggles and kisses of my children over the whistles, howls and calls of perverted men on the street.

It's OK to choose my place at home, in the kitchen, with my children.
It's OK for you to choose a career, but don't for the love of women and feminism everywhere do NOT stoop down to the level of anti women by degrading yourself first so that you're not hurt by them or giving your body away so that no one else can take it.