Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We're on the move!!

Julien started crawling!

He is definitely on the move and keeping me BUSY! He is interested in every little thing on the floor, on the shelves you know regular baby stuff!
Just today he pulled him self up to the standing position and was holding on to me...then all the sudden he let go and was standing ALL by himself for like 15 seconds!! He kept doing that for like 10 minutes up and down up and down.

I can't believe he's getting so big!
Have I mentioned his first word is "hi!"? Time fliiiies when you have a baby and before you know it they're getting married!

While I'm watching Julien crawl around and grow right in front of me I can't help but think "My mom watched me crawl around like this.." and I know for her it seems just like Yesterday. What am I going to do when Julien gets older, what is going to be happening in the world, How are we going to all change and grow within this time.
God is in control of course but it's so crazy to think so much can and will happen and change within the next 10, 15, 20 years.

Oh how the time flies.