Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Nelsons have big news...

We’re leaving Texas and moving to Park City Utah!

In 1994 we (Aguirre’s) were living in Burbank, CA. My Dad (Allan) was going on a 3 month tour and my siblings (Xaundelle and Corin), My Mom and I were going to stay in Waxahachie TX with my Grandparents during that time. Texas not being our favorite place we were hoping it was just temporary.

In early 1994 my Mom (Cristina) received a vision of a white structure. The Lord showed her this structure in both winter and summer and told her that this is where we would live. As my Dad traveled he kept an eye out for this place that she had described. He would call and describe a place that might’ve fit the description only to have her say it wasn’t it.

When my Dad came through Dallas to ‘pick us up’ he stayed a few days and the Lord asked him ‘Where are you going?” my dad said “back home”. The Lord said “you are home..” And proceeded to tell him how he was to build a life for himself in Dallas. After 5 hours of struggling with the Lord he submitted. 2 days later God also spoke to my Mom (Cristina) and convinced her of the same thing.

Around the same time our Pastors from California were Lenny and Linda Perata. They married my Parents and walked with them through some of the hardest times.  They also married Hunter and I in 2009! Around the time we decided to stay in Dallas they were moving to Park City Utah, where they had previously pastored a church.  We always had a desire to serve along side of them and they invited my Parents to visit in October of 1995.

As they turned off the main highway from Salt Lake City and started entering into Park City, My Mom (Cristina) shouted out, “There it is!” My Dad knew exactly what she was talking about and without looking out the window asked her, “Are you sure?” “Yes”, she said, “I’m absolutely sure”.
They pulled over and proceeded to look at it from every possible way. They asked Lenny “what is this place?’ Lenny told them this was a historical landmark that represented Park City, UT. They continued to tell him about the vision my Mom had in 1994.

As my Parents were leaving Park City Lenny gave them some of the best advice, He told them to ‘Live there.’ in Dallas and not to ‘live here’ emotionally or psychologically. If the Lord was in the vision and if He wanted us to live in Park City, He would see it through.

 Over the years us kids grew to know the desire my parents had for Utah, it was something we all would start to pray for. We would visit and continuously pray over the city for the right timing, we would see how the church would grow and shrink, increase and decrease, good times and bad.

We’ve led worship in the church, preached and ministered over the years. It has become a part of our family and ultimately our community.
In August 2012 my parents went on a 3-week speaking tour. Park City UT was their last stop. This visit seemed ‘different’ than so many of the ones before. They described this time as being ‘real’. As my Mom stepped out onto Park City soil she felt as if ‘it was time.’

 During their visit Lenny and Linda expressed their desire for our community to come and serve with them.
When my parents returned from their trip they shared with our community (bible study and Shabbat group) how their desire for Utah has grown even more, they shared all the things God spoke to them during that week, how they felt like now was the time, and asked us all to pray with them about timing for any if not all of us to go with them.

Over the next 3 months we were praying for this move, they weren’t just asking for direction for them as a couple (Allan and Cristina) but as a community, which would include Ian and Elysa Hellermann, Xaundelle and Corin, and Hunter, Julien and I.
During this time some of our community members felt a sudden desire to go to Utah. Jacob Dolph, Asa Low and Sarahjane Gribbin started to pray for direction for themselves as well.

Hunter and I spent many days praying and asking the Lord what his desire was for US as a little family. I personally have always seen myself there since this is something I’ve prayed about almost my whole life. Only one thing was keeping all of us from agreeing to go. Our local church we all felt called to and committed to.

In November our Church announced that they would be merging with another local church and would no longer be. Therefore if you felt called to that specific congregation that will be ‘no more’ than you were free to be released.
This was HUGE confirmation for our entire community. At this time Ian and Elysa Hellermann, Jacob Dolph, Asa Low, Sarahjane Gribbin, Hunter, Julien and I committed to go to Utah. This was the final confirmation we needed to make this decision!

My Parents met with our pastors on behalf of our community and we have been released with their blessing to move forward with this move.

We feel the prompting of the Lord to downsize our lives .We are going through each room of the house and deciding what we should sell, giveaway, take, or discard. My Parents didn’t have a car to get to Utah or that was even capable of driving in Utah and on Monday (December 10th) the perfect 4WD vehicle was GIVEN to them! Even MORE confirmation!

We are focusing all our efforts — spiritually, physically and monetarily — on relocating to Park City, UT.

My parents will be leaving for Park City UT, on December 23rd for a job interview my Mom has on December 27th.

Hunter and I currently don’t have a set time we will be leaving, but we all believe we should be there by March 2013.

Our Role:
Hunter and I have a passion for discipleship and for the youth of this generation, we hope to be able to serve the youth group, children’s ministry and the local youth in Park City Utah.

Thank you all for your prayers and support, we are hoping to make this an easy transition.
As you may know moving is not cheap especially to another state. If you feel ever so inclined to help us with our moving costs and would like to make a donation you may do so here.

Thank you!
-The Nelsons

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Coping with my 2 year old...

My name is Saphraine Nelson and I have a 2 year old...

My 2 year old is the prize of my life, I honestly wouldn't be complete without him. I am one of those girls that has wanted children my entire life, I had names picked out for them since I can remember!

I have nannied for numerous families, worked in nurserys since I was like 6 years old..I have ALWAYS wanted children.

But no one prepares you for 2's. They tell you how terrible they are or how great it is because 3 is worst.

I hit rock bottom today.

We aren't 'scheduled' people, we don't have set bedtimes, naptimes, eating times, etc. but lately Julien has been watching 1 episode of super why, dinosaur train, or Sesame street every morning.

This particular morning I let him watch 2 episodes of Go Diego Go (big mistake). When TV time was over and we turned it off he had a complete meltdown.

Coping with my 2 year old..

We distracted him with Voyage of the Dawn Treader (book), that lasted 5 minutes, we tried to take him outside...impossible, we tried to play hide and seek..didn't work..

Coping with my 2 year old...

Finally Sabba to the rescue...
He is finally calm, cool and collected reading a David Bowie book aka looking at picture of David Bowie.

Disagree all you want but around here our kids listen, watch and love David Bowie!

Coping with my 2 year old....