Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Coping with my 2 year old...

My name is Saphraine Nelson and I have a 2 year old...

My 2 year old is the prize of my life, I honestly wouldn't be complete without him. I am one of those girls that has wanted children my entire life, I had names picked out for them since I can remember!

I have nannied for numerous families, worked in nurserys since I was like 6 years old..I have ALWAYS wanted children.

But no one prepares you for 2's. They tell you how terrible they are or how great it is because 3 is worst.

I hit rock bottom today.

We aren't 'scheduled' people, we don't have set bedtimes, naptimes, eating times, etc. but lately Julien has been watching 1 episode of super why, dinosaur train, or Sesame street every morning.

This particular morning I let him watch 2 episodes of Go Diego Go (big mistake). When TV time was over and we turned it off he had a complete meltdown.

Coping with my 2 year old..

We distracted him with Voyage of the Dawn Treader (book), that lasted 5 minutes, we tried to take him outside...impossible, we tried to play hide and seek..didn't work..

Coping with my 2 year old...

Finally Sabba to the rescue...
He is finally calm, cool and collected reading a David Bowie book aka looking at picture of David Bowie.

Disagree all you want but around here our kids listen, watch and love David Bowie!

Coping with my 2 year old....

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