Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A day in the life..

We are driving to our next destination.
Hunter, Julien and I are crammed onto one bench of the van with our day bags, random dirty burp cloths, loose baby socks, and the occasional bag of candy/medicine/and or target goodies.
I happened to eat a taco bell bean burrito the night before, not knowing it was going to upset Julien's belly..he is now fussing aka screaming, crying and farting.

It is that time when no one in the van is saying anything about anything but in your mind your being that frantic mother trying to get your child to shut up because the people behind you (or in front) are getting irritated and you can just tell by their sighs and stares.
What. do. you. do.
It is your fault your child is screaming yet there is nothing to calm him down. I am passed the point of shoving Binky's in his mouth, bouncing him on my knee, changing positions..I can't walk around with him so we are both frustrated.

We arrive at a new location where we are playing a show that evening. We have about 45-1 hour for loading our stuff in/setting up. Awkwardly you meet people while you are breastfeeding and your son decides he doesn't want the blanket covering him, so you fight to keep your breast covered. We sound check and Julien gets handed off to my Mom whom he will soon call KiKi, she holds him while we are on stage. Luckily for all of us he usually sleeps during this time. Either she has him in a sling, his Moses basket, or on whatever soft surface she can find, she is also watching our merch table/selling Cd's, tending to the dog (romeo) and making sure the baby stays quiet this whole time (she is wonder women).

After possibly getting something to eat after the show, we then arrive somewhere to sleep: church, hotel, host home..you name it. Upon arriving we unload 6 blowup mattresses, 3 bags of blankets and sheets, 10+ pillows, 10+ suitcases, and whatever necessary for baby.
This might all be for one night. The next day no meal is promised so you eat or don't eat, and do it all over again.

oh..a day in the life.

Pictures: August 2010


  1. OMG I've missed so many of your blog posts!

    Glad baby is doing well! How are YOU?

    And also, I was a young mother/wife too, at twenty so I totally know what you're saying about being a mother and a wife. It's HARD.


  2. We are good! Thanks for the encouragement!