Sunday, November 28, 2010

End of Fall

We met the 4 months mark of his little life.

Only 4 months ago this little guy was born and it has gone by SO fast!!

At the same time I feel like he's so old!!!! Just the other day he got interested in our water bottle, so we gave him a little bit through a straw..Same day we got him a sippy cup. He loves it.
I can't believe he's actually interested in it!

The next step is baby rice and I'm REALLY procrastinating!!

We don't have an appointment with his Doc. for a couple more weeks but I can't wait to find out how much he really weigh's his length..all that.

Also one of his new things is reaching up when you are reaching to pick him up. It's SO SWEET! He is sitting up a little better, holding his head better..he's getting so big!

Yesterday he laughed for the first time!! Hunter was at work so I'm really sad he missed it, but I video taped it. It was so cute! Unfortunately He hasn't laughed since....

He isn't quite sure what to do since we are staying in one place for so long. But he's getting the hang of it..


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