Friday, December 17, 2010

Child bearing

Julien is almost 5 months old now...

Yesterday we mashed up some avocado, mixed it with a little bit of water and gave him is first (very small) meal. He LOVED it! He has been interested in food for quite some time now, and so we figured it was about time to give him a taste. We are going to wait a few days and then give him some (homemade) baby rice cereal.

My parents have been out of town now for almost 2 weeks and it sure has been a challenge! Learning to juggle housework, FGP work, Shower time, and baby is a lot of fun. I guess it's normal for most moms that don't live with 10 other people including their siblings and parents.

So I know this is embarrassing but it's worth sharing, and some of you with kids might relate.

Child bearing has caught up with me.

I went through my whole 9 1/2 month pregnancy without waking up in the middle of the night to pee, without laughing so hard it starts dripping down your leg. I did my exercises and saw results.

My son is almost 5 months and all I've noticed was the stretch marks, lack of sleep, and exhaustion.

I also have noticed that I might be lacking the urge to pee until recently. it's not like my bladder fills and then I realize soon I will have to go, it was more like..oh It's been 4 hours I should probably use the restroom.

Until...coming home from the store last night, I put the groceries down and immediately I had to pee. No time to explain to my husband to watch Julien, put the groceries away, Or that I even had to pee..just I had to pee.

So me, running to the bathroom...when it is too late. It is now running down my leg. Just enough to wet the jeans.

My friends, Child bearing has surely caught up to me. I thought I would beat the cliche, I thought I could do this without that mistake..

I guess it's my initiation into this whole game.

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  1. uhm yeah it happens, Saph.

    don't worry about it.

    {start wearing a pantyliner}