Monday, January 24, 2011


We are coming up on Julien's 7 month birthday!

I can't believe he's getting so big, so old, so fast.

We have been home for quite some time now, went through the holidays, settled in and here comes the training.
If you read my blog you know by now that Yes my Son sleeps in bed with me and my Husband (get over it). But I am starting to lay him down for naps all by himself!
He's such a trooper when it's nap time, I lay him down and i lay next to him as he falls asleep he's getting so big!

I am making his baby food and so far he has had Brown rice cereal (mainly), carrots, squash, sweet potato, green beans, banana, avocado, apple and peas. He is SUCH a good eater!!
So one evening while feeding him he opened his mouth for his bite and I saw a little tooth coming in!! Now he has 2 little pearly whites popping through and it's adorable! He is a GREAT teether!! I didn't even know they were coming in until I saw them!

What a baby!

Parenthood has been incredible. All this time people have made me so worried saying 'it's so hard, you have no life, you can't leave the house it's miserable blah blah blah' and I know I only have one is NOTHING like they say.
Don't start with that 'you have a great support system' crap because if you don't that is your fault and maybe you should do something about it. The way I look at it:

Julien is MY baby, I am not his. This means when I leave the house he will come with me, when it is time for a nap He can take a nap juuuust about anywhere, when it is time to eat you pop open a jar (or your boob out) and you feed him. What is so difficult?
Sure it's a bunch of extra stuff you have to load in the car, so you get ready 30 minutes earlier then usual but from my point of view it's not that big of a deal to take your kid shopping, out to eat, to a friends house, on a walk...etc.

The only time I have actually canceled plans was when Julien was sick and crying literally all day. I canceled my plans so I wouldn't put the other people through the tears and so Julien could rest up. But you see it's not that big of an inconvenience to cancel ONCE in 7 months.

So if you have plans to go somewhere and your kid is throwing a fit feed them, dress them, and throw'em in the car..they'll get over it.

Sorry for that little rant.

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