Saturday, September 11, 2010

Catch up to the stroller!

Sorry I haven't posted lately, Julien has been keeping me pretty busy! So I will try to keep the 'catching up' part short.

Since my last post from Phoenix AZ, we have made it to California!
Our first stop was Diamondbar CA where we had a show with the Whosoevers! We found out the week before we left that we were playing with The Arrows (, so we were SUPER excited to get to know those girls!

The next day (saturday) we had a show with the Dreamcenter in LA with Hope for Homeless youth, it was so cool to see some of our old fans and meet new people. Julien unfortunately cried through our whole set! It was so sad!! My poor Mom had to hold him the whole time!
Sunday we played in Hermosa Beach uhm best beach city in the county!! The weather was great, the people were great..must I go on?
We ended up staying with a couple from the church we played at Lonna and Jason, the SWEETEST people ever!!
That Monday there was a Hermosa Fiesta (city festival), and my cousin Airec and Rhyanne came out and spent the day with us!

After our stay in Hermosa Beach Julien ended up getting his first cold! Poor thing was congested for a few days.

That week we spent a day at Universal thanks to an old friend of ours Kim, then headed North to Ventura to meet up with Mikee Bridges! We had a great time with him at his venue Epic. That Friday night there was a Fashion show being held at his venue and Xaundelle and I got to assist! It was a dream come true for me, and Julien was a trooper with Abba!

After Ventura came Portland/Vancouver where we got to hang out with some old friends and enjoy GREAT hospitality by the Rodgers! Then we made our way to Seattle where we met up with some old Gateways Beyond friends (thats always fun!).

Julien has met some amazing milestones in this journey! He is now learning to hold his head up, and can balance it pretty well! Abba (Hunter) is trying to teach him how to walk and crawl already (oh gosh!) and he is talking more than ever!

I never knew I would have such a great time being a mom, He is SO amazing and amazing to be AROUND! Of course it's exhausting and I have my moments, but he truly is the greatest gift!

This is a pretty scattered post SORRY! I will try to update sooner next time!
Only 2 more weeks on the road!

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  1. Eric got us into the Sony Lot tour that you couldn't go on with Julien and we went to Medford, OR before Portland and stayed with the Smith's. :)