Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moving up, moving forward and moving on

I lived in Texas for 18 years.
I found and lost 3 best friends.
I met my first boyfriend, my first love, who became my Husband.
I built a friendship with someone that lasted more than 12 years (and going strong).
I married.
I had my son.
I became who I am Today.

It had been 18 years since I had moved states.  I was 4 at the time and all I really remember about it was our going away/birthday party for Corin at a park (in LA) before moving, the fact that I got sick on the way and that I lost a roller skate.

This move was obviously different, I was moving my Husband and young child with me, the logistics of it were driving me crazy. Pack up the entire house until literally 4 hours before pulling out of Dallas, plus pack a suitcase with a months worth of clothes because who knows when we'll get our own homes.
45 minutes into the drive My Mom and I got lost..yes before we could even leave Dallas, we ended up in Denton vs. Decatur..easy mistake. :)

Ahead of us was a 3 day trip...1st get out of Texas and into New Mexico, then get out of New Mexico into Colorado, Colorado into Wyoming ultimately to drive through the wind into Utah.

Welcome to the snow covered hills and a whole family (church) waiting for us with banners saying "Welcome home Aguirre family' and ready to help us unload our trucks.
Such a nice warm welcoming party.
Unfortunately our unloading didn't work out as planned, our storage units were too small and it was Sunday we couldn't get a hold of anyone to change our units. So we had to wait a day..which was Presidents day so again the storage office was closed.
A family from the church came to our rescue with their 3 car garage and told us to store our stuff there. :)

Hunter, Julien and I hopped host homes for 3 weeks until we found the perfect 2 bed 2 bath Condo 6 minutes from our church that we attend twice a week and I work at 2-3 times a week. It was necessary to be so close :).
Just a week after we moved in and months of looking for a house for the rest of my family they found the ultimate house. 10 minutes south of me and 15 minutes south of the church, 5 bedrooms, 5,000 sq ft looking over the Heber Valley. BEAUTIFUL views from every window.

It's amazing what God can do with patience, willingness and faith.
Living in a new city is scary, lonely and 100% worth it.

It's a LOT harder to make friends when you're 23 vs. being 4. That whole 'Hi! Lets be friends!" thing..doesn't work anymore, having 1 thing in common doesn't work anymore either.
We're keeping ourselves busy for sure though!
Hunter is working in SLC at H&M and we are also over the Children's and Youth Ministry at the church, which is really fun and I'm having a blast coming up with lessons.
We also are regulars on the worship team, as well as working with Hospitality and the basic runnings of the church.
It's safe to say we're really thriving here, it's exciting to be using the gifts God has given us in practical ways.

Stay tuned for my passover blog which will hopefully come in a timely manner.

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