Monday, January 28, 2013

Raising a Boy.

First-- I am incredibly blessed to have a little boy, and he's everything I hope and prayed for.

Raising a boy.

When I found out I was pregnant I 'knew' I was having a girl. So much so that I put money on it! I was SURE that I was having a girl. I always wanted to have a boy first so that all of my children would have that older brother to look up to, to guide and protect them etc. But I just had this feeling...

So when we found out we were having a boy I was....THRILLED!

At the time I was a Nanny of 2 little boys so I thought I could handle it..I was prepared.

But, low and behold my child is the average boy I wasn't quite expecting. Though he takes after me in his taste of music, dance style and wild hair...there are some things in his personality I am a little shocked by.

For example his LOVE of sports (what?!) where did that come from? He can throw a ball and hit his target PERFECTLY from 15-20 feet away. (he's 2)
Left handed and right handed, he's a diamond in the ruff.
Now, I know nothing about sports so as soon as he hits the age to put him in soccer, tball or basketball I'll be learning right along side him. I honestly don't know the difference from a touch down, home run or whatever you get in basketball.

He is also extremely interested in lizards, frogs, snakes and the likes. I'm sure you all think this is completely normal for a little boy (which it is) it's just catching me off guard.
He LOVES animals which I am proud of, I've always loved the zoo too but he takes it to another level. I took him to the zoo last week and he's been talking about it non-stop. I mean he remembers the exact routes we took to see what animals (what!? who is this kid!?).

And don't get me started on the jumping, climbing you think he's about to break a leg jumping that high stuff he's into.  he jumps from couch to couch, off the beds, all while running and making sound effects with his mouth. (I love this kid!)

Another Julien trait....he hates mud. If it's raining outside he doesn't want to walk to the car because of the mud, and if I make him anyways because it's not muddy he has to check his shoes as soon as he gets in the car and wipe them off, (hah!) he gets that from his Auntie Xaundelle. 

Raising a boy is SO much fun! He is definitely not the boy I thought he would be but he is SO much more! I couldn't have imagined a better kid!

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