Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dog, Car, JuJu and Ball.

What do these ^ words have in common? Julien has said them!!

There are times I wonder 'will he ever?' when it comes to different things. Standing, walking, talking, different things. And I'm having to realize all kids are different and Julien might not be as developed as the next kid in certain things!

He is an AWESOME listener, He can definitely understand me giving him directions.

On his FIRST Birthday he said Car and Dog!! We caught him saying Car on tape! It's so exciting! During peek-a-boo the other day no one said 'where's juju?!" So He said it himself! He said "nah JuJu!!" I was so excited I about screamed in his ear! Haha.
Today while rolling the ball around he crawled towards it and said Ball. SO clearly!

His Auntie ShooShoo (xaundelle) thinks it's hilarious that when he says words he says it SO clearly she thinks he's like stewie (from family guy). He says words like he's known them forever it's amazing.

To watch him grow right in front of me and change so much every day is so exciting!


Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate Julien's birthday! We are so excited about our little ONE YEAR OLD!!

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