Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sleep I think I will go back to Sleep. -Imogen Heap

To start the weaning/transition to another bed thing takes guts.

I approached this 'slightly' early according to and multiple blogs I've read.
But, I was ready to sleep through the night and have more than a corner of my queen size bed back!

I started this about a week and half ago trying to figure out what 'method' would work best for me.
I started with laying with him in his bed until he fell asleep and I would sneak off. But low and behold 2 hours later he was up, then another 2 hours, then another and another until about 6am and he would wake up officially at 9:30am.
So I was in desperate need of another method. I read a blog by and I was inspired. I talked Hunter into waking up with Julien in the night instead of me!

After a few more days of me being exhausted and going back and forth between beds (mine and juliens) I had enough. Monday night was the night Hunter was taking over!

But unfortunately men don't have motherly instinct like women do, every time Julien woke up with his soft whimper I would pop up out of bed and then remember "it's not my night" so then I had to wake up Hunter. That happened twice until He realized "I'm not going to sleep tonight". By 8am Tuesday he was getting ready for work, exhausted and CRANKY. I just smiled and said 'welcome to my life, I can do it from now on if it's too hard."

Tuesday night came and Julien had an unexpected late nap so when he woke up at 7:30pm for dinner I had to keep him up a little later, but by 10:30 it was DEFINITELY time for bed. This had happened a few times before thinking if I keep him up late maybe he'll sleep through! But no such luck. So I wasn't anticipating a full nights sleep.

It was my night to wake up with Julien, I was geared up and made an easy path from my bed to his so I wouldn't step on any unsuspected toys. I fell asleep around 11:30 expecting to wake up by 12:30am to feed him one last time. But....the next thing I knew it was 6:23am!!!!!

I looked at Hunter (whose alarm went off for morning worship) and whispered "oh my gosh, he slept through the whole night. I'm so freaking excited!!!!!". We then attended morning worship in our living room and Julien didn't wake up until 8:15!!!!!!!
He was starving and my breast were about to pop so he enjoyed a nice full breakfast from both sides and I am probably the happiest mother right now.

I hope, I PRAY this lasts!! It was officially my FIRST FULL night of sleep in 14 MONTHS!

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