Monday, October 27, 2014

I don't let my kids celebrate halloween.. and you should be ok with it.

As a Mother most of us have instincts to protect, care and comfort our children.
We hold them as they cry, we kiss their booboos, we protect what they hear, see and say.

So would I encourage my children to be scared?!??
 To wear scary costumes, watch scary movies, ask people in scary costumes for candy, embrace ghosts, witches and scary spiders.
Why on earth would I decide that this ONE day is the day to throw our morality to the wind and allow the encouragement of 'scary' things into our homes, our minds, our hearts.

I would be working 364 days to protect my child from these things, but allow it for one day??
 What kind of confusion am I bringing upon my small children.

It is shocking to me how many christians or people who 'claim' to be christians celebrate this day with their children. No matter how many years since this holiday was 'originated' in evil..that doesn't change. Just because you think you've 'justified' it, just because you don't do the bad things they did, doesn't change what it stands for.
Halloween, Day of the dead, All hallows eve. Is clearly, factually and historically a day to 'celebrate' the dead.
Why on earth would I encourage my child to celebrate the dead, which would directly go against everything I work towards as a mother and believe.  'Raising my child up in the way that they should go'. Allowing this one day to slip through the cracks no matter how minor, is allowing our children to think we aren't that serious, because we allow the celebration of the dead just this once.

By the time they're 18 and making their own decisions on what they believe, they will remember the 18 times they celebrated the dead, the '18 times my parents allowed evil, scary things come into my mind, and my home.', the 18 times we didn't protect them against these things, the 18 times we willingly allowed the enemy to break down our doors and take advantage of our children.

I plan on being a mother 365 days a year, every day I will protect my children from scary things, every day I will strive to raise my children up in the way that they should go, every day I will hold them, comfort them and kiss their booboos.

What are my kids really missing out on?

There is nothing done on this holiday that you can't do any other day. Instead of asking scary strangers for candy, go to the store yourself, if it's the costumes? You can wear costumes any day!

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