Friday, March 25, 2011

So much so young.

So much so young for the both of us.
I can't help but think now and then I'm only 21 I'm married and I have a baby...What is happening?!
But in most the joyous times of being a mother I can't wait to have more children, so it evens itself out.

Just 3 years ago I was in Cyprus at Gateways Beyond, I remember so clearly telling my room mates I can't imagine getting married and having a baby in the next 5 years!!
There are a lot of things I've done since then that I never thought I would do. I came home Summer 2008 and everything changed, I realized I was still in Love with the person I hadn't seen and barely spoken to the last 6 months and I thought "I could be married and have a baby in the next 5 years!". It's so crazy how fast all your desires can change when you know you're doing Gods will.

We got engaged shortly after that and things just started falling into place, our ministry, our band, our soon to be married life wasn't far off and everything felt right. Even though none of us thought that was the ministry we would be embarking on or the lives we had 'exactly' chosen, the more and more we felt Gods hand in it, and knew it was his will for us. The more we accepted it and fell in love with his calling for us.

Shortly (very shortly) after getting married came the little babe in my belly, after the tears and shock came the excitement! It was such an honor to know God chose us to have this little guy and no one else. He entrusted us with his life and that is a true honor!

Julien is 8 months old now! With 4 teeth, the urge to crawl but can't QUITE figure it out, and he is babbling SO much! He is the center of all our attention, the joy of the house and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!

It's amazing to me how fast they grow and learn little things, He definitely knows the word No, when to flash his cheesy grin and what gets our ultimate attention.
So much has happened in his little life and it's just beginning.

I feel the same way about me and my marriage SO much has happened and it's just getting started!
There are more kids to come, more states to travel to, more countries to go to, more songs to write and we're still so young!!


  1. This made me smile. God is good.

  2. Isn't he?! Haha Thanks for reading!